Monday, March 28, 2011

invitations if postage didn't matter

Our wedding will be held at my future in-laws rural home. They have a beautiful property and their home was built by my future father-in-law. The ceremony will take place in a paddock closest to the house and the reception in the garden (weather permitting). I had many different ideas as to how the invitations would look including a simple white card with a tree and our names. However I quickly decided that this does not look as effective when letterpress is not used and as our budget couldn't stretch quite that far I had to re-think my idea. Enter the book. I am a great lover of reading particularly of classics and after seeing the below paper creations couldn't resist going down the paper path.

Outstanding Designs via Green Wedding Shoes
Linda & Harriett

 and when you search book inspired invites you cannot go past the invitations blogger Jessica Claire had commissioned for her wedding found here

here's a bit of a peek

Jessica Claire

as the daughter of a post master and presently a very poor uni student, i don't think i can stomach the epic amount of postage she would have paid to send them all out but gosh are they pretty!

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