Thursday, July 14, 2011

a long time between drinks

i am not dead. my internet has not been cut off. i have just been super busy.

first with my wonderful hen's weekend (i had an absolute ball but will bore you with the details at a later date)

and now at my future in-laws preparing for the wedding.

we started my dress.... we are basing it off this pattern

Retro Butterick Pattern B4918
we cemented in the steps over at our ceremony site, put together a seating alcove along the path, went collected stumps for the bases of our benches and LOTS of gardening

also went and watched the last Harry Potter movie it was AMAZING, i swear the whole cinema was in tears at one point.

but have also been thinking about all things pallet and reclaimed wood related....

source :Lovely Crafty Home and From Scandinavia with Love 

Source: Dolan Geiman artwork via Happiness Is and Whole Lotta Lovely

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