Friday, July 29, 2011

of pages

if you could kindly cast your mind back to this post, you will remember that i talked of the photo backdrop for our photo booth. well i think the time has come. i think i have come up with a design/idea that i like and that might be achievable and complimentary to our overall wedding style.

remember all those little hearts i made for our invitations....

and you probably weren't really aware but all the pinwheels i made recently....

as mine are currently 4 hours away hiding in a box this is a pic i snagged off pinterest from Cake and Cotton

well how about i just continue this little book page idea i have and make something a little like this....

source: Ruche - DIY paper mache wall

i also like the idea of some big words (literally and figuratively) strung along the top...

source: Jason and Anna Photography via Engaged and Inspired

Source: Jonas Peterson via Once Wed
My thought is to get some mdf or ply and make a big wall type thing then cover it with book pages and put a glue layer over the whole thing - if we put wheels on it (or not) we could also use it inside while i am getting ready to section off the formal lounge room.

the construction though could prove a nightmare and i think i will leave it as a wedding week project... i think i will need some male help constructing and i don't like the thought of having to ferry it up the coast.

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